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Strapa-Pack - Services

Strapa-Pack Our company’s main activity is Packing in HPL boxes or wood chests designed and produced by us. The packaged goods are generally various industrial machines, tools, antiques perhaps. This service is very comprehensive, from the 1 kg vase to the 50 t oversized machines. We undertake various goods’ sea, air, road and rail package. Of course, to all of our packaged goods the packaging material is made by us - whether 1 piece - considering the standard specifications. We design and manufacture various packaging sets as well for example foam-lined HPL box. Maritime corrosion-resistant vacuum package is used, in combination with vapour proof bag associated with aluminium or dehumidifier material. We undertake fastening not our packed or unpacked things, such as cars in container. Up to 12 t we undertake machine local moving, lifting without fork lift truck ‘heavy-machine-moving’.

Most of the packaging is take place at costumer’s premise, but less weight or volume, or it is not possible at the client’s premise, it carry out our premise.
The pre-packaging steps:
We provide the packaging equipment transport at reduced price to Budapest and rural area.

For the contractual and regular orders partners we provide the following additional services:

We strive to pamper our clients a full package service! (polls – machine-moving – packaging material production – packaging – fixing in container)

Overseas packaging részletek »

In case of sea package particularly important the proper packaging because of stresses occurring during the transport. The sea package is for protect the equipment against adverse effects caused by corrosion. Maritime in accordance with the requirements corrosion-resistant vacuum package is used, in combination with vapour proof bag associated with aluminium or dehumidifier material.

Express packaging részletek »

We take that day express packaging for mail-order company. The goods are delivered to us, box or chest produced for it in a couple of hours, and also packed. On request, the finished packages can be delivered to the airport.

Air package részletek »

Typically, smaller size and light packaging items, where we take account of the package-operation methods used in mail-order companies and packed according to these.
Of course, we packaging machinery to wooden chests for air transport. The single digression from sea packaging is due to the short interval of delivery the corrosion protection may be omitted in some cases.

Road package részletek »

For deliveries inside EU, in this case we use lightened wooden chests or in some case enough to fix to the palette.

Fixing in container részletek »

Today is one of the most modern modes of transport in containers. Of course, within the container is not acceptable, that the goods are not properly secured. Our colleagues fix the different machines, goods with straps, inflatable paper bags or wood packed or unpacked as well.

Packaging machinery to flat rack container by canvas részletek »

This is only used if the machine has very large dimensions; the wooden chest was too expensive. Here it is also possible to vapour proof packaging. Of course, the canvas material is not protected as much as a chest side. This kind of packaging come to mind, when the costumer balance the chest packaging price and the cost of canvas packaging and the risk of the vulnerability of the product.

Outplace package team részletek »

We undertake to solve that companies daily packaging problems where the volume is so packed of the rise, that it is entrusted to a separate company. In this case, the required number of members set up a team and coordinates the packaging with the production of the packaging equipment. The number of packaging team and the packaging capacity is continuously provided. The products are constantly packed, so that the client is completely exempt from the burden of packing, and its risks!

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